Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm a GRANDMA!!!!!!

Okay, I admit. When Brittanie first called me last December and told me that she & Michael were expecting I was a little shocked! I was the mom of a 7 year old at the time and I couldn't imagine being a GRANDMA, too. But it didn't take me long to get excited! Heck-I still had a crib!

I got the call Thursday, August 21st around 2:30 in the afternoon from Britt. In her voice I could hear the sound of pain. It brought back painful memories of labor before the Epidural! I called my sister to help me make flight reservations because I was too scatter-brained to focus on that task. Thanks to Tracy, our Secretary at Jade's office, I was able to get to the airport in time. I did, however, have to cut straight to the front of the security line and make my apologies. Running, I finally made it to my gate and when the attendant saw me she said, "You must be Debbie. We've been waiting for you!"

My mom (a.k.a. GREATGRANDMA) picked me up from the airport. It was now 9:15pm. I called Michael and he said that she was a 5 1/2 cm. "Great" I thought. I could go to my moms, unpack & take a quick shower. When we got into Orem I called Michael. He said that she was 8cm!!! We drove straight to the hospital. She was an 8 1/2 when we arrived. The staff at the hospital was AMAZING! At 11:30 Britt was a 10cm. The Doctor used a technique new to me. It's called "Rest & Descend". They let the baby move on its own into the birth canal so that the mother doesn't have to push as long & hard. So she rested for about 1 hour as the baby dropped. At 12:50 am beautiful little Abigail Lynne Stott was born weighing 7lb 9oz. 21.5 inches long. She has lots of black hair like her daddy and a round little face like her mommy. After a few little problems with her lungs not working properly and a few days in the NICU she was able to go home. I was so sad when I left to come back to California to care for my own kiddos. I kept asking myself, "Okay, have you told Britt everything she needs to know?" The answer of course was no, she'll learn that all on her own!!!


Brittanie said...

love it! I liked to hear your rendition of the story too, since I never really got to hear it!

Debi and John said...

I didn't know you had blogged again until today when I looked at the new pictures of Abbey in her blessing dress. Oh, she is adorable....practically as adorable as Scotty (my new little grandson.) I love hearing your version the birth experience, having just gone through it again with Ditte.
It will be a little tougher to get up to Trine when she calls in November, since I'm driving up...but we'll do our best!
Congratulations, grandma!