Saturday, April 4, 2009

Agoura 10k Bootie Kicker

Last Saturday was the Agoura Great Race. I ran in the 10k. This was the first 10k I have ever run and it was really fun! Jade and the kids came and cheered me on! Jade was really supportive! I did better than I had hoped. I ran 11 minute miles finishing in just over 1 hour. After the race was a super fun After Party. Lots of free food booths, Jolly Jumps for the kids, a band, and several sponsor booths with lots of free bees. It was really a fun family event.

I would like to share with my many readers (all 3 of you) 3 things I found surprising/interesting during my race.

1.) When Jade first dropped me off, I walked up a large hill to get to the starting point. I was very puzzled by the long line of runners waiting outside of the Porta-Potties. It was 6:45 am and I couldn't imagine that anyone who went to the bathroom BEFORE they left their home would need to go AGAIN so soon. I have been teased A LOT by family and friends about my "Frequent" potty breaks-but I was fine. Then as I got closer to the Porta-Potty line I discovered the reason for the Potty line. EVERY ONE of those runners were holding coffee cups!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! DUH!

2.) As I was waiting at the start with about 950 other runners I noticed "things". Such as---Women Runners wearing MAKE-UP!!! Well, I'm sure I could have used some, too. I don't look my best at 7:00 in the morning, but COME ON!

3.)were at the starting line wearing black Hefty plastic trash bags with holes cut out for their arms & head!!!!!!! HAAAA! HAAAA! Are you laughing with me??? I hope so! I couldn't help but let one out when I saw them! Holy Cow! This is AGOURA HILLS---NOT BOSTON!

Well, it guess it take all kinds.