Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Camarillo Second Ward Relief Society Proudly Presents...

Christmas Dinner with Joseph and Emma Smith

Sarah and Bill Haisman as Emma and Joseph

Sara Galante and Allyn Sisson as Mary and Hyrum Smith

Our Steamboat Captian, Devon Hansen and Marnell as Lucy Mack Smith

Marnell as Lucy Mack Smith

Dean Martin as Porter Rockwell and Rex Henderson with Mitch Tao as the "Bouncers" for the evening

Our dancing entertainment and instruction provided by Jonathan and Kirsten Kent

Two of our beautiful singers; Shelsi Stolworthy and Margo Ingram.

Margo sang, "Oh Holy Night"

Shelsi Stolworthy sang "Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella"

Not pictured is Cari White who sang a beautiful rendition of "Still, Still, Still"

and our men's chorus who consisted of Devon Hansen, Jonathan Kent and Kawika Tupou who sang "Oh Come All Ye Faithful".

Our cast: George Knapp, Kevin Billings, Mitch Tao, Bill Haisman, Sarah Haisman, Allyn Sisson, Sara Galante, Dean Martin, Rex Hendeson, Jonathan Kent, Kirsten Kent, Devon Hansen, Marnell Hansen, Margo Ingram, Shelsi Stolworthy and R.S. President, Linn Evans

Delicious dinner provided by Karen Chavez and her food committee. Lala Troxel was a wonderful right hand assistant.

We had an amazing dinner of Roast Pork, stuffing, gravy, garlic red potatoes, green beans, homemade applesauce, homemade oatmeal bread and for dessert we enjoyed berry cobbler with cream.

Our waiters and kitchen staff were priceless: Rex Henderson, Mitch Tao, Dean Martin, Jade Morris, George Knapp, Kevin Billings,

Beautiful table settings

Devon, Marnell and Linn

George and Bonnie

Jade & Debbie

Porter Rockwell a.k.a. Dean Martin


Debi and John said...

Oh, was such a wonderful evening.The whole thing just had such a beautiful Christmas Spirit about it...delicious food, costumes, decorations, entertainment, good company and sisterhood, nice service from the men....thank you so much for your part in all of it. The costumes added so much! Tell Zale thank you and hello from us!
You deserve a big rest! But I know you won't get it. Sure love you!

Meg said...

Debbie-What a great idea! Looks like it was a great night. Love, Meg

Christenots said...

Loved sharing an obviously wonderful evening. Cam 2 only does the best. So sorry we had to miss being there, but appreciate seeing what was done. Thanks for including us on the emails. Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season.Love and Blessings,

Jaimee said...

Very fun night! Everyone did a great job.