Saturday, April 4, 2009

Agoura 10k Bootie Kicker

Last Saturday was the Agoura Great Race. I ran in the 10k. This was the first 10k I have ever run and it was really fun! Jade and the kids came and cheered me on! Jade was really supportive! I did better than I had hoped. I ran 11 minute miles finishing in just over 1 hour. After the race was a super fun After Party. Lots of free food booths, Jolly Jumps for the kids, a band, and several sponsor booths with lots of free bees. It was really a fun family event.

I would like to share with my many readers (all 3 of you) 3 things I found surprising/interesting during my race.

1.) When Jade first dropped me off, I walked up a large hill to get to the starting point. I was very puzzled by the long line of runners waiting outside of the Porta-Potties. It was 6:45 am and I couldn't imagine that anyone who went to the bathroom BEFORE they left their home would need to go AGAIN so soon. I have been teased A LOT by family and friends about my "Frequent" potty breaks-but I was fine. Then as I got closer to the Porta-Potty line I discovered the reason for the Potty line. EVERY ONE of those runners were holding coffee cups!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! DUH!

2.) As I was waiting at the start with about 950 other runners I noticed "things". Such as---Women Runners wearing MAKE-UP!!! Well, I'm sure I could have used some, too. I don't look my best at 7:00 in the morning, but COME ON!

3.)were at the starting line wearing black Hefty plastic trash bags with holes cut out for their arms & head!!!!!!! HAAAA! HAAAA! Are you laughing with me??? I hope so! I couldn't help but let one out when I saw them! Holy Cow! This is AGOURA HILLS---NOT BOSTON!

Well, it guess it take all kinds.


The Hagers said...

Debbie, I'm so proud of you for running. That's a great accomplishment. Love the picture of the trash bag people.

Satisfied said...

I didn't know you were running this race! A bunch of girls from my ward ran it, and I totally would have come run with you had I known...

Good luck on the big one coming up soon!

PS. Thanks so much for the good advice. My mom never had to deal with RSV, so it was really helpful from someone who has!

Debi and John said...

Love the pictures and the updates of your family time in Utah.We had a great time at Brighton also last is just beautiful up there in the spring! I'm thinking of you as you run your 1/2 marathon in Salt Lake. Best wishes. You are a great inspiration to us all! Go Deb!