Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Truth is Always More Interesting Than Fiction

LOVE THIS!!! Samuel the Lamanite ROCKS!!!

Well, as you can see, the Morris Family supports Prop 8. We were excited to attend the Prop 8 Bus Rally held in Camarillo last Sunday. It started 1 hour before our Sunday church meeting began so we dressed for church and left for the Rally. Brie, Josh & Zach were all excited to go. They really got into the spirit and waved posters and shouted "Yes on 8" to drivers on the street. I was proud of them as they signed the poster indicating their support for Prop 8.

All seemed to be going fairly well. As we listened to the different pastors and Rally speakers Jade & I asked each other, "Where is Zachary?" Because of the size of the crowd we couldn't see him, but figured he wasn't too far away and most likely with friends. When the Rally was over, we all gathered and got into the car to leave for church. When Zachary got into the car we noticed that he had a baseball. He said that he found it and asked everyone he could if it belonged to them. As there were no takers he thought he would take care of it.

Well, I thought no more of it until today when a friend of mine called. She was online looking for news coverage of the Rally. She thought she found a photo of the Rally but couldn't recognize a photo of the child throwing the baseball. Yes-you guessed it-it was Zachary.

Now the FUNNY part of this whole story is that the coverage my friend came across online and where she found the picture of our cute Zachary was on an ANTI-PROP 8 website!!!

I'm not sure the Morris family should go to anymore Rally's-we might be doing more harm than good.

Look for some of our favorite people in this video by ABC News:


Josh Morris

Randy Berks

Kevin Malan

The Seay's

Brian & Evan Benson

Jacob Billings

Jake Hunter

The Bunkers

Emily & Matt Tao

Jonathan Kent

Frank Ah Sue

Kevin Billings

David K

Allyn Sisson