Saturday, November 1, 2008



We all gathered for a festive feast with Captain George and his First Mate, Bonnie. My she's a pretty lass, she is! All was well until we were attacked by Pirate Jack!
He was accompanied by 3 suspicious charterers, a one-eyed Vampire, a Musketeer and an midget Pirate (whom was the fieriest of all).

To our rescue came an Olympic Gymnast and a Wizard. With the Wizard's quick thinking he used a Banishing Spell and the Gymnast, well,

she frightened them with her amazing feat of body splitting! The wicked 4 ran away in fear!
All seemed to be under control until an Ugly Wicked Witch appeared from no where. She was followed by some scary flying monkeys.

In an instant the midget Pirate escaped from the Banishing Spell and took Bell captive. She tried to woo him with her poise and beauty. Just as he was weakening from her spell...

A TEENAGER appeared from no where! Armed with "BAD ATTITUDE" Bell's charms were useless.

Things only went from bad to worse as the Candy Monster descended upon us all. She coyly entices little ones with promises of candy and then she captures them when they least expect it.

Then, from out of the sky, came BUZZ LIGHT YEAR, WOODY, JESSIE AND EMPEROR ZURG!

Jessie cookin up the weiners!!!

Kristy, Gina Martin and Faith

The evening ended well, everyone safe and best of all-well fed with LOTS AND LOTS OF CANDY!

Another great Halloween!


Brittanie said...

This is a really cute post!!! I love the little story. Looks like lots of FUN! Wish we could have been there. Brie is getting SO big and WAY good at the splits!

Susan said...

OMG Joshua's costume is TOO GOOD! (it is a costume, right???)

Christenots said...

Have enjoyed all of your blogs since our computers are up. Thanks for keeping me on your list. Hopefully our blog will be up next week. Our mission is great. We have been so blessed and love serving. Keep up the good work. Brie's splits are superb! Blessings, Kenlyn,Sister Christenot
We have a Vonage line now. (805) 504-4590

Christenots said...

I'm determined to get my comment through to let you know how much we have enjoyed your blog. It's been so fun to share your pictures and comments. We just got our computer up. We are loving our mission, the area, and people we work with. This is where we should be. We have a Vonage line to use.(805) 504-4590. Free to call us anytime! Blessings, Kenlyn, Sister C.