Wednesday, December 3, 2008


WOW! Who knew there was such a thing as an award for
"Fabulous Blog"?
Anyone who knows me well knows it doesn't take much
stroking for me to purr!
I want to thank all 3 people who actually follow my blog,
(with my prompting, of course).
Extra Special "THANKS" to my wonderful daughter,
who nominated me for this prestigious award.
She is my inspiration!

My 5 fabulous addictions are:
1. Shop for deals, deals and more deals!
2. Mr. Darcy, Pride & Predjuice of course and most "Period" Films.
3. Decorating-anything! Just ask my very tolerant hubby.
4. Going to the beach.
5. Keeping up my son's Missionsite-Elder Brandon Morris

The rules of this award are:
1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.
3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.
Instructions: On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them. When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well. To add the award to your post, simply right-click, save image, then "add image" it in your post as a picture so your winners can save it as well. To add it to your sidebar, add the "picture" gadget. Also, don't forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by emailing them or leaving a comment on their blog.


Debi and John said...

Deb, I LOVE your blog and I think this idea is fun...I will have to wait until I have a little spare time to spend on blogging, though. I'm 2-3 weeks behind on Steffen's and mine and even checking all my favorites....
I'll get there, though.
I love the Christmas idea for Brandon...I'm trying to do something similar for to work on it soon! Thanks for letting us be one of his picture ornaments. Love you!

Cristin said...

Wow, Debbie! I am so honored. Thanks for the mention! (Isn't blogging wonderful? I love being able to keep up on other people's lives.)

Meg said...

Look-I figured it out myself! Great blog Debbie! The ONLY one I follow on a regular basis. One day I'll have time to try to do one myself-but of course it won't be as good.