Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Do You Get When You Cross A Missionary With a Mildly Neurotic Mom?

I can't take credit for the creativity of this project-I have my good friend, Linn Evans I can blame for that! She's the most artsy and truly creative person I know. But I am really, really good at copying great ideas!!!! So copy I did!
So here's the concept: Cut out 5 foot paper in shape of Christmas Tree. Decorate with "garland" and laminate. Visit family and friends of Missionary and photograph them holding a sign that says, "Merry Christmas Elder Morris". Take enough photos that the Missionary has 25-one for each day in December until Christmas. Develop the photos and then mount them onto cute scrapbook paper. Cut into ornament shaped photos. Roll tree and mail with ornaments. For extra pizazz throw in a pine scented room freshener and a strand of 100 multicolored tree lights.
I couldn't have done this without so many helpful friends and family!



SAS Floral said...

This turned out very cute!!! Great job!

Brittanie said...

This turned out very cute! Great job!

azmom said...

This is a great idea, Debbie! Very impressive!