Thursday, February 26, 2009

'DON'T TAKE DRUGS"...Advice from a 5 year old

Last weekend I was up in Utah visiting my family. My sister, Margaret, is always so great. She packs up all 6 of her kids, drags her husband, packs her car and drives 1 1/2 hours from Clearfield to Orem so we can visit. Saturday night they were packing to leave for home (I tried, unsuccessfully, to coax her into staying until Sunday morning so that she could see the late night showing of "Shopaholic"-AWESOME movie!!!!). ANYWAY...I came up to Ronan, my 5 year old nephew, and asked if I could have a hug before he left. He gave me a hug and then, very seriously, said these words to me,
"Don't take drugs! They will make you nauseous!"
I gave my best effort to keep in the snort and laugh that eventually came out. My sister was behind him so she could more easily hide hers. Michael was in the room and he had a good chuckle, too.
So that's my advice to you today-
Don't Do Drugs---They Will Make You Nauseous!
oh-btw-Ronan also says, "Aunt Debbie is the Boss". So, listen to the BOSS!


Brittanie said...

you are so funny. and so is ronan. I will never forget this.