Monday, February 23, 2009

FHE Lesson:"The Trap" -The Dangers of Pornography

Tonight we had a FHE on the dangers of pornography. I based our lesson on a book I recently purchased from Desert Book called, "The Trap" by Karmel H. Newell. It is a great picture book with a carefully told message. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with young children.

I have become very concerned about the availability of pornography to children. As Jade and I have talked we have realized that the best defense is a strong offence. So I have done a lot of studying and educating myself on this topic. I admit, many times after my reading I feel nauseated and have a headache. But I keep going back to the fact that I have 5 precious, beautiful children and 3 of them are sons. I cannot wait until we have a problem to know how to handle the problem. I need tools in my tool belt NOW.

Our FHE went on longer than usual tonight. Jade and I wanted to be sure that our children understood exactly what pornography is and that they could talk to us anytime about it. We also told them that this would be one of several lessons on the topic that we will be having over the next year.

I learned some interesting things about how easily young boys can get "addicted" due to the developmental process of their brains. It's frightening.

I also recommend "The Drug of the New Millennium" by Mark B. Kastleman. It goes into the brain science behind Internet pornography use.


Meg said...

Thanks for the heads up about this book for children. We have a friend who is a counselor and 90% of his business is dealing with this addiction. It ruins lives and the best defense is to NEVER try it.