Monday, April 20, 2009


Last Saturday was the Big Race! The SLC Marathon of which I ran the 1/2 Marathon.
My niece, Tory, ran the 1/2 as well. But the real HERO was my sister, Meg. She ran the 5k. I am really proud of her! She's amazing!
I only ran it to get the medal! I was so happy that I finished in just under 2 1/2 hours!
It may look HOT, but it was about 43 degrees at the start of the race and about 54 when this photo was taken! Jade was awesome! He followed me all along the race route. He said he wanted to take pictures, but I really think it was because he thought I'd collapse and wanted to be sure I had medical attention!
My cute, 17 year old niece! We both started the 1/2 marathon together. I ran with her for all of 60 seconds! She looked over her shoulder and took off, leaving me panting! She finished the race in less than 2 hours! While I spent the remainder of the day in bed, she was off with friends and was at the Prom that night!

Obviously this is in the BEGINNING of the race because I am still smiling.

We celebrated at Goodwoods that night with 3 of our favorite people, Britt, Michael and ABBY!

HOW CUTE IS SHE!!! (I'm referring to Abby!)


Debi and John said...

YEAAAAAAHHHHHH! I'm so proud of you, Deb. You look great and I'm so happy you accomplished your goal. Can't wait to see you in person and give you a hug!
Love, Deb Lassen

Brittanie said...

you're looking good mama!

Hillary said...

This is so impressive! I'm guessing you can change you header on your blog now!